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Custom Fire Pits and Water Features

Custom Fire Pits and Water Features
Greencare has installed hundreds of Water features over the years; lst area is carefully surveyed then laid out. Retention walls are constructed when needed to create the raised drop down sheers for water. At this point the pond is jack hammered out and dug. Silt is then installed; it is very smooth dirt and creates a thin layer for the pond liner to rest on. The pond liner is extremely durable & water proof. A pump and filtration system is then placed in the bottom of the pond. Pea gravel is laid down for water to filter through. Boulders are carefully placed around pond edges and up all the Way to the back of stream to create cascading drops on water feature. An auto fill is installed, water is back-filled and your pump is turned on, this will create a soothing cascading sound of running Water. Final rinse down of water feature and it is complete for you to enjoy the sounds of a mountain stream for years to come.

Professional grade fire feature installation
First the site is examined to determine the best useable space to place the fire feature. Design elements and how the fire feature is going to be best utilized are determined and the layout is created. When the design is finalized the plan goes to the engineering department. Once complete, it is presented to the proper government permitting facility to be sure that all guidelines are followed and proper permits are obtained. The excavation is scheduled for the gas line where it reaches the back of your house to the final area where the fire is going to be. If needed a line will be mounted on the lower side of your home to go directly to your gas meter (this is required at times based on the length of the run and the size of the gas pipe put in by the builder), After the gas line the fire feature that you chose will be constructed, the fire key and turn off valve will be installed. Now grab a match turn on the gas and get out the smores, you’re ready to light it up. We have spent over a decade putting the right team of installers together to insure the highest quality fire and water features installation process possible so you can enjoy problem fun by the fire for many years to come.

Custom Fire Pits and Water Features


Portable outdoor fireplaces used at one- and two family dwellings.
307.5 Attendance. Open burning, bonfires, recreational fires and use of portable outdoor fireplaces shall be constantly attended until the fire is extinguished. A minimum of one portable fire extinguisher complying with Section 906 with a minimum 4-A rating or other approved on-site fire-extinguishing equipment, such as dirt, sand, water barrel, garden hose or water truck, shall be available for immediate utilization.

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