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Professional Patio cover installation

Professional grade Patio Cover installation First the site is examined to determine the best useable space to place the patio cover. Design elements and how the patio cover is going to be best utilized are determined and the layout is created. When the design is finalized the plan goes to the engineering department. Once complete, it is presented to the proper government permitting facility to be sure that all guidelines are followed and proper permits are obtained. The excavation is scheduled for the footers which are large holes dug into the ground for the posts to be set into concrete (this secures the cover to ensure it doesn’t blow away during high winds) footers usually not needed
if patio is mounted to concrete slab. All covers are custom built to the area determined and take two to four weeks for delivery. The cover is delivered and usually only takes a few days to complete. We have spent over a decade putting the right team of installers together to insure the highest quality installation process possible so you can enjoy problem free fun while cooling off under your new shade structure for many years to come.

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