Question: There are lines in my Synthetic Turf? Is it defective?

Answer: This synthetic grass issue is caused by the sun and the reflection off of windows (sometimes yours, sometimes your neighbors), it is not under warranty due to the fact we cannot control the placements of windows or where the suns reflection hits the ground? The Low E windows are reflecting the sun back on to the ground and acting like a magnifying glass. The reason the melting takes place in lines is because that is how a reflection off of the window hits the ground (in a line about the length of the window) it may not burn the full length though due more heat generated in certain spots.
The reason the line movement goes across the grass in different locations is because the sun placement moves in the sky. As the days go by and the seasons change the sun moves from directly above at the peak of summer, toward the south then back toward the north as seasons pass each year. The reason it doesn’t burn everywhere and only certain random spots is due to hotter and more intense heat on some days. Also cloud cover on some days and not on others.
You need to first identify the window and place a cover shade over it.
Once the window is covered we can come out and either patch the grass (which it may not match perfectly or have very apparent seams) or redo the whole thing at a 20% discount from current market price. You can also choose to remove grass and do something else in that spot. Real grass does not burn. We do apologize but we cannot foresee this potential issue. It is an unfortunate yet unforeseeable problem that does happen from time to time.
Let us know when the window has been identified or if you choose to change out the synthetic turf and which route you choose.Note: Sometimes if there is left over scraps it is a good idea to keep the extra pieces just in case this rare occurrence takes place, it will be a much better match if it’s possible to patch (sometimes it’s not possible).
You will still see the edges of the patch work. It won’t look as bad if same dye pattern. We can most likely do the patch if you have the leftover pieces. We can also do the patch with a new piece but it will not match. If putting Synthetic back down? You need to get solar covers and they come in several different colors. If you just look up a solar screen company on Google they can usually come in and put those in for you.
Just let us know when complete and we will get a work order in to patch grass once screens are on. Or give you a quote to replace all of it. We can do something besides synthetic in that location as well. We are usually about 1 to 2 weeks out so let us know as soon as possible. We will evaluate what needs to be done and give you the best quote we can.

Synthetic Turf and Putting Range