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What they say about us
What they say about us

Over the years other competitors have come in and attempted to pick Greencare’s work apart stating various things. Every time this has taken place Greencare has ended up resolving or fixing the issue usually a fairly minor one. Please understand other companies are always going to have a competitive mindset and attempt to discredit Greencare and our quality. We have dealt with this for many years because we are the industry leader. Competitors have also resorted to leaving fake reviews around the internet. This is just another attempt to discredit Greencare’s good name and top quality work. We have posted real reviews below by our actual clients in their own handwriting to prove we are a solid company that values our clients. Greencare will not discredit any other company in the industry or talk negatively about other companies, that is our policy. What we will do is stand behind the quality of our own work and the proper installation of items on our contracts. When there is a mistake made we own up to it. Then by all means necessary come to a fair resolution for all parties to resolve the issue. If another contractor is out there picking Greencare’s work apart it is because he wants to make money to fix something that may not even be done incorrectly. There are many different ways to install things and Greencare always strives to do it right! Without someone having detailed knowledge of the scope of a project they could not possibly give a proper evaluation. They are also jaded due to the fact they are a competitor. When this takes place, we feel the majority of the time it is an attempt to win a bid for new work, we also feel these claims are without merit. Please read through the reviews written in our client’s real handwriting to see what Greencare is all about. Thank you and we look forward to earning a positive review from YOU!


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  • Greencare has mantained an “A” rating every year since it was founded by Mike Anderlie in 1989.
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