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Swimming Pool Contractor, Las Vegas, NV

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GreenCare Provides Custom Pools and Spa Design & Installation, Pool Landscaping and More.

Green care provides custom pool and spa design, installation, landscaping and more. Some information and detail we want to explain about the process of professional grade pools and spas installation. First, the site is examined to determine the best usable space to place the pool. Design elements and how the pool is going to be best utilized are determined and the layout is created. When the design is finalized and a proposal is agreed upon the plan goes to the engineering department. This process takes anywhere from one to two weeks.

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GreenCare is an A10 licensed pool contractor in the State of Nevada.

We need all design decisions to be made at this point to expedite the pools and spas installation process. Once complete, it is presented to the proper government permitting facility to be sure that all guidelines are followed and proper permits are obtained. This needs to at times go to more than one governing body and slight changes are sometimes needed on plans. An entire day is at times spent in the city building only to be required to make changes due to an unforeseen change on city codes or zoning variances. They are also closed on Fridays. This back and forth process can sometimes take a week or more.

Once this is complete, The excavation is scheduled, then steel, plumbing, electric, gunite, tile, pool gate coding, alarms & sensors installed on all necessary doors and windows. The pre-plaster, plaster, pool filling and finally the pool start up! Every single one of these processes is done by a group of professionals and there are also needed inspections after several of these processes. This process is normal and insures proper installation of your project. We ask that you please be patient throughout this process and know that we are striving to get the job done right. We have spent over a decade putting the right team of installers together to insure the highest quality installation process possible so you can enjoy problem free fun in the sun for many years to come.

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