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Home landscaping is a complex field, which involves several sub-disciplines. The two primary landscaping professions are landscape design and landscape architecture. Depending upon their specialties, landscaping professionals might be trained in a variety of related subjects. Among those subjects are horticulture, botany, landscape engineering, landscape management, landscape history, and fine arts.

It is common for people to confuse landscape designers, landscape architects, and other landscaping professionals. In fact, the general public often perceives professional landscaping services as the laborers they see mowing lawns, trimming hedges, and pruning branches throughout their neighborhoods. The fact is that simply affixing the term “landscaping” to the sides of business vehicles is no guarantee that the work is being performed by licensed landscape architects or landscape designers.

While it takes no special training or certification to do basic yard tasks, some states require professional licensing in order to practice landscape design or landscape architecture professionally. Although years of experience working under a licensed landscaping professional might be enough to become a licensed landscape architect or designer, it usually requires a formal college degree in one of the two disciplines.