Emergency Irrigation Water Shut Off Instructions

In an emergency you can turn the water to your outside irrigation OFF by locating the Pressure Vacuum Breaker Valve (PVB valve). They come in many shapes and sizes. See pictures below. It is also very common for these valves to burst in extreme cold or if they are more than 5 years old. To replace a broken PVB valve we charge $250.00 plus 50.00 (for a cover to protect from cold if you don’t have one). Which includes the valve, labor to remove and replace the valve and a 1 year warranty as long as you get the cover. If you shut your water off Greencare assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY for plants in your yard. They may die if they do not have water for more than 48 hours in the Nevada heat.

To turn off the valve and stop the water turn the lever completely sideways (as seen on the middle left in photo below). Not diagonally (as seen on the upper right in photo below). Also pictured below is a rough diagram of how it all works.