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Custom Pools & Spa - Asphalt Damage Waiver

A loader & excavators are needed for digging a pool, underground or heavy dirt movement work. It is common to have immediate damage to asphalt just by driving the machinery on it. In a short time especially through one summer it becomes nearly invisible when the job is done. Machines that are designed to dig there wheels in for traction with no slippage are used.

When we are finished with the project and clean up at the end of the project and summer hits the temperature will be around 102 to 115 on any given day. All asphalt will be extremely soft near the point of melting. It will smooth out naturally. It is designed to do so. To patch asphalt on public streets a major overhaul is not req. If cuts are not greater than 2″ a repair is not normally needed. It does not affect the integrity of the street. It is an esthetic fix that will become nearly invisible with a little time. Public roads are continually repaired on local city standard maintenance schedules. If extensive damage is apparent it is repaired by stripping to a depth slightly more than the depth of existing damage to the asphalt or equal to the existing asphalt section depth. Only if asphalt is so damaged that the gravel or the type 2 is visible would we recommend damaged asphalt be removed and redone. Standard asphalt is strong enough to sustain structural integrity far greater than the weight of equipment used for digging a pool. Its section depth and type 2 or base compaction can handle all heavy equip used. The damage that occurs is superficial and although looks bad it’s normal. The sun and the weight of vehicular traffic usually fix the problem quickly.

We need to be clear because any little damage and imperfections in the asphalt will still be visible after job is complete. Pool digging is a process that requires heavy equipment and it will be driven on streets as well as over sidewalks. The tires will leave black marks but they will fade and be hardly noticeable over time.

A new pool has many pros and a few cons. Let’s go over some of them. For the pros: A pool is hands down the focal point of any outdoor paradise. Fun in the sun and a place to cool off forever The cons are listed above and the yard is tore up for 3 to 6 months. It’s worth it!

Finally, pool construction can be rather unpredictable as far as exactly what delays will arise. Wind, rain, material delays, failed inspections, guys being out sick and slight adjustments along the way are all part of the process. All of these things cause delays. Anywhere from 3” to 12” of adjustment on pool layout is normal and acceptable throughout the industry. Pool will not be moved once dug without added cost to do so. Greencare assumes no responsibility for slight imperfections in several elements on a pool. These slight imperfections are considered part of the natural beauty of the project.